Founded in 2011 by Tim O’Kelley, Benchmark Courses was started upon the ideals that life is made greater when you take control and create your own happiness. We believe that through harnessing the power of conscious decision making you can enrich your life and empower yourself to accomplish any dream or goal that you truly want to achieve. Benchmark Courses offers a wide variety of Personal Development classes and seminars that are geared towards pinpointing and improving any area of your life that you simply want to make greater or understand deeper.

Benchmark courses has the potential to open your eyes and mind to what it is truly running you and through continuous work, you create the opportunity to breakthrough limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Through creating an atmosphere that allows individuals to connect, we facilitate scenarios that allow you to show up fully in your life and accomplish your goals. No matter what walk of life you are currently in, if there is an area of your life you would like to explore or become greater in we invite you to

Challenge Your Perspective