Pursue Your Dreams

Pursue your dreams


The Passion Course is the third course offered by Benchmark Courses and takes place over 5 days in a retreat style resort and is held in the mountains. Passion is designed to tie together everything you have put to practice from Discovery and Integrity to foster an environment where you can implement all of the tools you have learned.

You will have an opportunity to look rediscover a part of yourself that is passionate about living life and accomplishing your wildest dreams. You will challenge your fears and create the confidence to understand your perceived failures never have or will hold you back. Through team work, various challenges, and personal reflection, you will learn to free yourself from those burdens you’ve created in your mind and fully unlock your true potential. This is a chance to spend five days living as your highest self while enjoying the beautiful scenery and seclusion of the California Mountains. The relationships and experiences built during the Passion course are lasting, genuine, exciting and impactful. We cannot wait to see you there!